1st person

Here's a bit more about me:
Pharmacist by training, Designer at heart, Investor in action—I'm a PharmD student at Northeastern University, where I founded ViTAL, Northeastern's healthcare innovation hub. I invest in startups with Contrary Capital, a university-focused venture firm backed by founding members of Facebook, Tesla, Reddit, Airbnb, and more. In the past, I worked with PillPack, a full-service pharmacy startup simplifying medication management; the company was acquired by Amazon for $1B during my stay. I am an advisor to family offices pertaining to their healthcare tech investments and regularly write on The Digital Apothecaryand kimdanny.com. I love coffee (you can usually catch me at George Howell), art (Isabella Gardner's my favorite in town), and product hunt (I love D2C brand success stories; esp. healthcare ones!). Let's plan on grabbing coffee/drinks if you are in town, but in the meanwhile, let's connect on linkedin.com/in/jydkim!