Danny’s Manual of Me

Last updated: @12/26/2021

 Hello, I’d like to describe myself as...

Danny is the Head of WELT USA at WELT, a spin-off of Samsung exploring the intersection of healthcare and technology. WELT creates personalized digital therapeutics that combine our expertise in sensor and digital biomarker technologies with therapeutic contents for the treatment of diseases with a high unmet medical need.
Outside work, Danny is a Board Member of Health Sciences Entrepreneurs at Northeastern University, where he founded ViTAL (previously, Bouve Innovators), Northeastern's healthcare innovation hub. Danny’s an active investor with Contrary (US) and Digital Healthcare Partners (DHP) in Korea, where he’s an LP. Danny advises digital health companies with the focus on d2c services and digital therapeutics.
In the past, Danny served as the Director of Business Development at Soundable Health, VP at Contrary Capital, Corporate Development Analyst with Pear Therapeutics as an operator at PillPack (PillPack's biggest fanboy—Danny's unofficial title at the company); the company was acquired by Amazon for $1B during his stay.

 My current working patterns are ...

I work around the clock. I work with US-based contacts during the day time, and work with Korea (where my WELT colleagues are working out of) at night.
I dedicated Monday evening and Wednesday evening Eastern Standard Time (i.e., Tuesday morning and Thursday morning, Korean Standard Time).
I will try scheduling recurring meetings with Korea on M/W for that reason but will accommodate to schedule meetings on other days as-needed.

 I prefer communicating in these ways...

I mean it when I say I work around the clock. You will see me answering emails and texts around 3 am, but that is by no means that I expect you to do the same (or reply me).
If you do receive communication (email, Kakaotalk, etc) from me outside normal working hours, the right interpretation is “because Danny is doing work on his schedule” rather than “Danny wants an answer right now”.
Another helpful decision tool from Superhuman (which is my favorite email tool :)). Working with Korea, I realize that Slack = Kakao // Call & Message me using iMessage or SMS, as needed!
Also, feel free to loop back/ ping me if I haven’t replied to your message in <24-36 hours. It could have fell through the cracks or worst, I may have forgotten to hit the send/reply button

When receiving feedback, it’s important that...

(read if you are working with me on an internship or if you are my direct-report)
We utilize our designated 1:1 time. This is time I want to dedicate not only towards task sync but also your personal growth.
I believe that my job as your manager/ your colleague is to do two things:
Task Management (i.e., getting shit done) — this is really self-explanatory. In this role, I will make sure that we set right expectations when it comes to your workload, product, and serving as your main contact point if you run into any obstacles.
Talent Management (i.e., making sure you have the best time at WELT) — I am a strong believer that if one stops learning, he/she stops growing. Accordingly, companies can’t grow if the members can’t learn. My role here is to make sure that you are provided with adequate learning opportunities and to serve as your coach.
Accordingly, in our weekly 1:1s, I will ask your rose, thorn, bud
 rose = A highlight, success, small win, or something positive that happened.
 thorn = A challenge you experienced or something you can use more support with.
 bud = New ideas that have blossomed or something you are looking forward to knowing more about or experiencing.
For more formal reflections, we will utilize our midpoint/ final check-ins.