Danny Kim_Speaker Introduction


Pharmacist by training, Designer at heart, Investor with curiosity
Danny Kim, PharmD, Head of WELT USA, is a pharmacist by training and a builder at heart, powered by the mission to democratize healthcare through technologies that improve access to quality care. With his team at WELT, Danny is leveraging the company's consumer-tech DNA to create consumer-friendly digital therapeutics designed to restore balance in the three pillars of life—eating, sleeping, and exercising.
The go-to leader for digital therapeutics in the APAC region, Danny serves as a Board Member at Digital Therapeutics Alliance. He also serves as an advisor to the Korean government on matters involving digital health and digital therapeutics.
Before joining WELT, Danny worked with PillPack (acq. by Amazon), Pear Therapeutics (IPO '21), and invested in early-stage startups with Contrary. Danny continues to invest in early-stage healthcare companies through the Digital Health Partners, Korea's first venture fund dedicated to digital health, as an LP and an advisor.
Danny is a proud Bostonian and holds a B.S. Pharmacy Studies & Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) at Northeastern University where he serves as a Board Member of the Health Sciences Entrepreneurs Program and a member of Young Global Leaders.

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